Integrated Reception System

What is IRS?

An Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) collects the broadcast signals from terrestrial (analogue & digital) and satellite transmitters, as well as FM radio and the new Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB). All of these signals are then distributed to a new 3 socket wall outlet plate in each flat, which is screened from electrical interference and which delivers all available TV channels, including both analogue and digital terrestrial, and digital satellite to the resident.

Installing IRS means that the resident is free to decide to either connect their existing TV equipment to the system to pick up the existing free-to-air analogue signals, (until they are switched off), or to take up digital satellite or digital terrestrial television, now or in the future. This solution means that the landlord installing IRS does not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming. The choice is left to the resident. 

Integrated Reception Systems - One Vision has a wealth of experience in the provision of IRS to a multitude of customers across the South Wales. One Vision are at the forefront of the digital revolution and are able to advise our customers through an in depth consultancy process about the imminent demise of analogue services and how this might affect you in current or future projects. The vast choice of differing services and options that the digital transition creates are all covered through the collective expertise of the One Vision team, these include;

  •     System network and infrastructure design
  •     Coaxial delivery for hotel and hospital systems
  •     Digital and FM radio services delivered to multiple TV locations
  •     DTT, FM, Satellite and DAB

Our Customers - IRS technology benefits a number of potential customers. Whether you are a private landlord a commercial builder, a local authority, architects and consultants or perhaps a housing association One Vision have the competence and expertise to deliver on all of your IRS requirements.

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